February 20, 2012
Freak Bikes for President’s Day? (one day)
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REMINDER to clients: USPS, SOS, and all courts are closed today for a Happy President’s Day (history of) to all of you! Unfortunately, bicycles weren’t invented when ol’ Georgy was president:

But since the quarter man’s time, we have had many cyclists in the White House. Starting with the Ladies, let’s have a look at the fabulous Jacky Kennedy taking one of the kids out for a spin:

President Carter loved the casual ride. Probably because in ‘66 he lost his race for Governor of GA to a guy that could ride his bicycle backwards!!

After winning the Tour de France, Lance gave one of his bicycles to President Bill Clinton:

Presidential candidate Ron Paul recently challenged his GOP rivals to a bicycle ride when they questioned his age and fitness. And if that’s not enough, check out President George Bush mountain biking with Lance Armstrong with the Wounded Warriors program.

Finally, let’s give credit to the entire Obama Family for getting their pedal on every time they go on family vacation.

So … this is a pretty good start. Kudos to these guys for biking. But what will future presidents do to “build” on this? Here’s to tall bikes in 2012. (Seriously, it would make the jousting easier).

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June 20, 2011
New Online Ordering System
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Clients! Our online ordering has been upgraded as of 6/21/2011. To gain access to our new system, just fill out this Account Access Form.

NOTE: once you submit your information, it will take us a few minutes to set up your account. So … take a power nap while you wait:

a power nap

Nathan taking a power nap

After logging on, you’ll find new features like advanced tracking, personalized address books, and paperless billing to name a few.

We hope that you’ll find the new system is helpful and easy. Let us know if you need assistance getting adjusted. We’re always nearby.

Ride on!


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June 10, 2011
VU Student Video Focuses on Green Fleet
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The Chips Quinn Scholars at VU did this quick piece last week. Our friend Anne Medley instructs the course. Each summer, students come to Nashville to set their lenses on local businesses and learn about video journalism.

They spent an entire morning trying to catch up with Nathan – literally. Proving yet again, that he is the fastest courier in Nashville – boo ya. This is what they came up with. Thx Stacy and Kaitlin!

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